Kimberly DuRoss is an artist whose work looks at all aspects of nature – both human and physical. Her work uses painting, photography and film to express her vision. She has shown internationally for over 30 years.

Born 1957 Detroit, Michigan

Rhode Island School of Design BFA Painting 1977-1981
Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris 1980
Royal College of Art London MFA 1996

Jan. 2015 Group Show, ‘RISD Cosmonauts’, Paul Fisher, Palm Beach, FL
Jan 2009 Solo Show, ‘Natures Revenge’, Paul Fisher Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
June 2008 Group Show, LTMH Gallery, New York
June 2007 Group Show, ‘The Beach’, Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, NY
June 2005 Retrospective, David Gill Gallery, London
June 1997 Group Show, Soar Gallery, London
1994-96 Created the film ‘The Obsessed’, Royal College of Art
June 1994 Group Show, Soar Gallery, London
June 1993 Group Show, Soar Gallery, London
Dec. 1989 Solo Show, ‘Portraits’, Il Cortille Gallery, Rome
Oct. 1989 Solo Show, ‘Altered States, Studio Bocchi, Rome
June 1989 Solo Show, ‘Laws of Nature’, Albermarle Gallery, London
May 1987 Group Show, B12 Gallery, Los Angeles
April 1987 Group Show, ‘New Images’, Helander Gallery, Palm Beach
Dec. 1986 Group Show, Sensory Evolution Gallery, New York
Dec. 1986 Group Show, EV Gallery, New York
July 1986 Group Show, ‘America the Beautiful’, Govinda Gallery, Washington DC
May 1986 Solo Show, ‘Electrified Nature’, Civilian Warfare Gallery, NY
Oct. 1985 Group Show, ‘The Discovery of America’, Wessel O’Connor Gallery, Rome
July 1985 Group Show, ‘Getting Off’, Civilian Warfare Gallery, NY